We design

In order to excel, universities, colleges and schools must design relevant and differentiated value into their business strategies, their communications, and their ongoing performance.

Prescience Associates views the academic enterprise in terms of its cohesive value, helping to systematically design business, brand and performance strategies that complement and reinforce each other.

Our Vantage Point

Our industry research and extensive experience tell us that high-performing universities, colleges and schools excel in three critical and unified ways:



They conceive and build relevant, differentiated educational value into their business models, design and deliver distinctive offerings and experiences, and promote a reputation for superior value and outcomes.



They choose and know the audiences and market segments they want to serve, enthusiastically compete based upon differentiated value, and invest in outstanding brand equity.


Return &

They achieve above-average return-on-value through pricing and discounting policies, operate with optimal impact and efficiency, and purposefully reinvest in their strategic capabilities and competencies.

Our Services

Our professional services directly align with the critical areas in which academic enterprises must perform well. We can custom-design and orchestrate comprehensive strategic, brand and performance plans. Or we can focus our planning, research, and performance services on a specific issue or opportunity.

Enterprise &
Business Strategy

Business Model Development
Strategic Planning
Business Planning
New Program Development
Competitive Strategy
Enrollment Management Planning
Strategy Counsel

Performance Management

Performance Audit
Performance Trends Analyses
Decision Modeling & Forecasting
Performance Dashboarding
Activity-Based Costing Analyses
Market Life-Cycle Analyses
Price Elasticity & Discounting Research

Brand Strategy & Management

Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Communications Planning
Brand & Opinion Research
Competitive Positioning Research
Marketing & Segmentation Strategy
New Market Development

Who We Are

We are a creative and agile ensemble of systems thinkers, strategy designers, curious researchers, and executive counsel.

We are cross-functionally experienced in strategic planning, academic affairs, enrollment management, institutional advancement, marketing, research and assessment, and board development.

At our core, we enjoy collaborating and the lively exchange of ideas – and passionately believe in the transformative power of education.

Let's talk educational value

We enjoy strategic conversations on how universities, colleges, and schools can enhance their academic value through actionable research, robust business planning, compelling brand strategy, and effective performance.


Pepper Pike, OH

© 2023 Prescience Associates, LLC

Pepper Pike, OH
© 2023 Prescience Associates, LLC