Helping academic leaders design, deliver, and manage impactful programs and experiences.


Build a solution to your exact requirements from our six areas of expertise

In leading your academic enterprise, you will encounter opportunities and challenges that require special attention.  Let us help you design an exact, cost-effective solution from our best-in-class analytics, research, and planning services grounded in our extensive experience in academic and professional development programming.

Performance Analytics

Uncover insights to manage and improve the value and performance of your academic offerings and markets.

  • Performance Trends Analyses
  • Program Profitability Analyses
  • Market Lifetime Value Analyses
  • Comparative Competitor Value Analyses
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Performance & Resource Benchmarking
  • Performance Dashboards

Program Design & Development

Quickly bring new programs to market and continuously improve current ones to stand out from your competition.

  • Market Segmentation Schema
  • Segment Personas & Need Profiles
  • Competitor Program Overlap
  • Model Curricula & Delivery
  • Rapid-Design Program Development
  • Continuous Program Improvement Strategies

Situation Intelligence

Make sense of your rapidly changing business and competitive environment and anticipate future shifts and demands.

  • Market Demand Analyses
  • Occupational Forecast Analyses
  • Future Forces Intelligence
  • Competencies & Skills Inventories
  • Competitor Program Scan
  • Deep-Dive Competitor Program & Positioning Research

Decision Analytics

Confidently make decisions on  what strategies to pursue, how to optimize performance, and how to manage risk.

  • Integrated Operations Forecasting
  • NPV Investment Analysis & Scoring
  • New Program Risk Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling & Decision Support
  • Optimization Studies & Modeling
  • Acquisition & Merger Modeling
  • Pricing & Financial Modeling

Business & Brand Strategy

Envision how to differentiate your educational value and pursue strategies that accentuate your resources and capabilities.

  • Business Model Assessment
  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Dynamic Investment Budgeting
  • Brand Platform & Extensions
  • Brand Communication Strategy

Opinion & Custom Research

Discover what your markets are thinking about your reputation, positioning, performance, and potential.

  • Brand Awareness & Performance Research
  • Industry & Thought Leadership Research
  • Employers Need Assessment
  • Market Demand Research
  • Price Elasticity Research
  • Student Satisfaction Studies
  • Recruitment Funnel Research

Let's talk educational value

We enjoy strategic conversations on how universities, colleges, and schools can enhance their academic value through actionable research, robust business planning, compelling brand strategy, and effective performance.

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Pepper Pike, OH

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Pepper Pike, OH
© 2023 Prescience Associates, LLC